WordPress Content Management Systems

What if making a simple "quick update" to the company website actually was actually quick and easy? A website with a WordPress content management system does just that, putting you the site owner in control of your websites content. Sounds to good to be true? It's not! With years of experience designing and developing websites, Pixel Magic is the Cleveland areas leading developer of WordPress content management system websites.

Most web sites today have what is known as a Content Management System. A CMS allows the site owner to edit the content of their website quickly and easily. Updates are made using only a web browser - no special application software needs to be purchased or installed. This enables you, the website owner to take control of the site - to edit existing copy, uploaded images or add entirely new pages.

There are many different options available to choose from for your websites content management system, but one stands out above the rest. WordPress has the largest user base of any single content management system, powering over 74.5 million websites worldwide. Best of all WordPress is open source software, meaning you don't have to pay any licensing fees to use it! How many times in life is the best solution also free?

In addition to its large user base, WordPress' active developer community has created over 29,000 "plugins" or add-on modules that add functionality to a WordPress website. Would your website benefit from an e-commerce shopping cart, a dynamic photo gallery or an online blog? Chances are a plugin has already been developed, adding capability and flexibility to your website without the additional cost or time needed for custom development.

If you're a Cleveland or Northeast Ohio area business looking for a WordPress content management system website, Pixel Magic has you covered! Whether you need a basic WordPress website, plugin modification, or an entirely new custom developed module, Pixel Magic has the experience to handle all your WordPress needs. Contact Pixel Magic today to discuss your next project in more detail.

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